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    Master apprentice pair

    At each time, SkyFun will have a mentoring and worship process. The newcomer’s first arrival will require the process of carrying and imparting experience to the old staff, so that there is a master and apprentice.

    Business Unit
    The business department is that Skagen's sharp knife unit is the department that directly hits the customer, so the place where the apprentice needs to learn is more important. The understanding of the machine, the familiarity of the equipment, and the skill of docking customers are all indispensable.

    Personnel department
    Although the personnel department does not have the complexity of learning in the business department, personnel is the department that maintains the normal operation of the company, so it is necessary to learn the process familiar with the company.

    Mentoring apprentice complete agreement is signed by a witness

    I hope that the disciples can remember what Mao Zedong said to Xu Teli: You are my teacher twenty years ago. You are still my teacher. You must be my teacher in the future.